• Irthlingborough decking service

    Looking at having decking installed at your property? Higham Landscapes Irthlingborough decking service is a high quality custom built deckinng supply and fitting service, our team are highly knowledgable at fitting decking and have been in the trade for many years. We know what's needed to fit decking properly and make sure it last for many years.

    When we provide an Irthlingborough decking service we make sure all posts and joists are protected against damp and rot by coating them in a bitchimin based paint, this ensures that water cannot come into contact with the wood and protects it from rotting away. We are one of the only companies we know that do this, we believe that decking should last for a minimum of 15 years and to ensure this we protect all the timber. As for the decking boards these are pre treated by our supplier using a creasote based treatment.

    Are irthlingborough may not be the cheapest around but it most certainly will outlast any other companies decking service.

    If you would liek to arrange a free no obligation quote please call us on the number below, click on the contact page and request a quote or send a message to our FACEBOOK page and one of our team will get back to you.

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