• How to erect a fence

    As the title say today we are going to explain how to erect a fence on level ground. Thinking of attempting to erect a fence with no previous experience? Remember erecting a fence is not the easiest task in the world and should be done by professinal tradesman. If you don’t feel up to the task please click on the contact us link to request a quote. Also check the site for previous fencing work we have done.

    There are a lot of different companies out there that all have different methods of how to erect a fence. This is ours. For the guide we are going to assume that you are going to erect 6ftx6ft paneled fence with 100mm x 100mm wooden posts.

    Step 1 – Setting up your string line

    First thing you are going to want to do to erect a fence is set up a string line. The string line needs to spans the complete length of where the fence is going to be erected. When setting up the string line you need to make sure the string is very tight and perfectly level. You can achive this by hammering two poles into the ground opposite one another. Then wrap the string around one pole and clamp it in place. Now pull the string as tight as possible and use a line level to make sure the string is perfectly level. And finally wrap it around the opposite pole and clamp it in place. Now you have a guide for your fence and can finally start on the post holes.

    Step 2 – Marking out your post holes

    Next you are going to want to mark your post holes. To do this you will want a can of line marker paint and a tape measure which you can by from any builders merchant. Mark the first post hole on the ground with the line marking paint. Now assuming your panles are 6ft wide you are going to want to mark every 6ft whist allowing for the size of the posts.

    Step 3 – Digging your post holes

    Next it’s time to dig your holes. Each hole is going to want to be 250mm x 250mm and 2ft deep this will allow you plenty of room for postcrete or concrete around the post. Whilst digging you are going to want to be careful of any gas or water pipes or electrical wires. With the holes dug double check that they are the same depth. Now the hole’s are all the same depth it’s time to move on the the next step.

    Step 4 – Installing the posts

    Now it’s time to install the fence posts (you are going to want someone to help you at this point ). With the post in the hole you are going to want to use a spirit level to make sure the post is standing upright and level and the back side of the post is just off the string line. (repeating on all post will ensure that they are all in a stright line and are all stood perfecly level). Satified that the post is in the right place and upright it is time to fill the hole’s. fill the hole’s with either postcrete of concrete (we advise using postcrete because it sets much faster than concrete in as little as 10 mins). You are going to want to use approx. 4 litres of water in the hole and 2 bags of postcrete.

    Step 5 – Installing the fence panels

    Now its time to install the fence panels. you are going to want to use metclips rather than screwing through the panel. Screw the metclips to each side of the post where the fence panel is going to slot in. One metclip near the top, one metclip near the bottom and once metclip in the middle. go along all the posts and install the metclips. Now with your fence panels you can slot them between the post and inside the metclips. Once the fence panels are all in place you can fix them to the metclips using screws. As a result of using metclips your fence will be stronger thus lasting longer.

    Step 5 – Cleaning up

    Now you have a lovely new fence installed it’s time to clean up. You are going to have excess mud to get rid of because we filled the holes with postcrete. Just pop it into some rubble sacks and take it down to your local recycling centre. You are going to want to treat your fence so it does’nt rot due to weather. Now pack away you tools and enjoy a nice cup of tea.