• Decking building service in Rushden

    Looking for custom built decking in rushden then look no futher. Higham Landscapes are experts in the supply and fitting of custome built decking in rushden, We have been building decking for years and can build and shape or size decking the customer wants.

    All our custom built decking in rushden and surrounding area's comes with a 5 year gaurentee, We treat all our posts and joist with a special bitchimin based paint which protects the wood from coming into contact with water thus protecting it from rotting. Many other decking companies do not do this hence why the only offer a small amout of warranty.

    Our custome built decking in rushden is quite possible the best decking service around, we strive to make the customer happy and can leave the job knowing that the decking we built will last for many years to come, We may not be the cheapest around but we certainly offer the highest quality in custom built decking in rushden and surrounding area's.

    If you are looking at having custom built decking in rushden and would like a quote please call us on the number provided below, click on the request a quote link below or send us a message to our FACEBOOK page and one of our team will talk you through the process and arrange a suitable date/time to come and meassure up in order to provide you with a quote.

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